Simpson Design

Simpson Design

Simpson Design uses Sunbacker for most of their custom car conversions. Simpson produces a plug or the first body design. From this model, Sunbacker creates a mold, and from this mold, parts are manufactured.

These parts can be structurally changed as per client’s wishes, while maintaining the outside look. Jim Simpson and his crew are great to work with. I highly recommend them. Please check them out.




Alaska Canoe Experience

Alaska Canoe Experience

Marvin Oliver

Marvin is a world-renowned artist in many mediums. Being a Native American, his culture and heritage are very important to himself and his family.

Marvin scanned a classic wood canoe and recreated it down to the finest detail in foam. Plans were to introduce the canoes to the bays of Ketchikan Alaska. These canoes are manned by Native Americans skilled in their culture. You can paddle these canoes while learning their history, hearing Native songs and experience a ride of a lifetime.

Sunbacker took this Styrofoam pattern and created a car finish, keeping the close tolerances. From the plug, we created a mold and several canoes to set up this canoe experience. Every aspect of these canoes from floatation to the carbon fiber hulls have been analyzed and perfected. The canoes are amazingly stable and rigid. The wood canoes were carved and perfected with each carving. We copied these revisions with very close tolerances, recreating these masterpieces.





Oceangate- this submersible uses two hulls. One is a pressure vessel and the other is a free flood. The outer shell helps in the aerodynamics of the sub and is the free flood shell. This free flood shell allows water on both sides so equal pressure is applied to this surface. This outer shell hides the cables, hoses, controllers, and makes it smooth and aerodynamic.

Sunbacker helped to create parts of this outer shell on Cyclops I and the new Cyclops II. Check out their dives and information- you will be amazed.