Sunbacker was created by Al Lewis in February of 1979 as mainly a marine business. During high school, Al worked in a body shop and went on to the Navy. With 3 fun-filled far eastern cruises to Vietnam and 26 months in combat zones, Al realized it was time to move on to 6 years at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Al completed a 4-year apprenticeship to become a marine machinist. While working nights as a machinist, Sunbacker was created.

A business opportunity came up so the name “Sunbacker” -to get people back in the sun- was adopted. It actually was a tag on the shoes Al was wearing that day. Have to thank the wife- we were in business. While mainly working on large yachts, fiberglass kept coming my way. When people needed weird things created, Sunbacker’s name came up. After a couple years, fiberglass repair and fabrication was all we were doing.

Sunbacker is now mainly a job shop. No job is too small or too large. Fiberglass can be the weight of aluminum and have the strength of steel. If you polish a mirror and smudge it with your thumb, we can pick up that detail. Being lightweight and strong, installation becomes easier and safer.

Fiberglass is at times, one section of a total project. We are used to combining metal, wood, frames and fasteners to our creations. We can take a project from a thought to completion. We produce plugs, mold and items as the project demands.

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